Deanna CarpenterOur Continuous Learning has now ebbed and flowed into a new routine complimented by the start of our online learning.  We are chartering brand new territory...what an adventure!  Teachers are stretching themselves by embracing a brand new format for instruction.  YOU, parents, are really stretching your brain by becoming classroom teachers on top of all of your other responsibilities.  Yes, there are lots of challenges during COVID-19 but I say we focus on the silver linings that come with it.  We've been blessed in many ways.  Let's choose to be thankful and look for the good. 

We are here for you!  Contact your teacher by email if you have questions or need support with technology or instruction.  Mrs. Rittel and Mrs. Lagroon are also available for additional support as needed.  We are HERE FOR YOU!  Reach out and stay connected.

For Kids,
DeAnna Carpenter

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