Deanna Carpenter

Family and Friends,

 I hope you had a safe and restful Thanksgiving Break.  The next few weeks will likely be filled with a frenzy of holiday activities.  Let’s remind ourselves to slow down and enjoy the little moments with kids during the holidays. One of the greatest joys in working with elementary kiddos is seeing the world through the eyes of a child again.  Thank you for sharing your kids with us!

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you extend to our staff and school.  Together we make a great team! 
Giving at Christmas Time
Christmas time at Stewart is about sharing with others.  Please join us in collecting socks on our Sharing Tree here at Stewart.  Giving back brings joy to our community and kids.  The best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others.

 PLEASE label your child’s jackets, coats, gloves and scarfs.  We get SOOO many in Lost and Found with no names.  Unclaimed items (with no name) are donated to local charities.

 Holiday Traditions to Consider:

 Holiday Reading-Catch up on your favorite holiday classics each night for some cozy reading time.

Holiday Recipes for Kids-Check out Pinterest for clever kid-friendly recipes.

Kids Giving Back-Look for opportunities for your child to give to others. Kids who volunteer are more appreciative of what they have as they see others who are not as fortunate.

Plan a Screenless Day-Challenge your family to spend the day with no technology (bundle up and go for an adventure walk; draw on the windows with dry erase markers; make a tower out of pantry food; have a dance party; plan art projects; visit the pet store; make playdough sculptures with popsicle sticks; enjoy puzzles/board games;
Be Creative!

Have a wonderful Christmas Season and make the most of every day!

DeAnna Carpenter, Grace E. Stewart Principal

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